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Add a remote extension to your office Telephone System using voip gateway with our remote extension kit

Ideal for:

  • working from home
  • remote offices
  • out of hours answering
  • directors
  • overseas branches

All calls completely free!!

£ 399
per pair
+ vat & del

Kentel Voice Adapter POT Pic Kentel Voip Adapter
KVA300                           Normal phone                       KVA200
    BT Converse 1100

Plug the KVA300 into an extension socket on your Telephone System and into your office internet router. Take the KVA2000 and a normal phone (like the one above) to another premises (e.g. your home) and plug it into your router. That's all you have to do to setup a remote extension!

Plug and Play!!

  • The adapters are plug and play
  • No programming required
  • No screwdriver required
  • Leads and connectors included
  • Up and running in 10 minutes
  • N.B. You will need a normal phone, the one above is excluded.

KVA200 + KVA300 Voip gateway.

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Our remote extensino kit comprises
1 kva300, 1 kva200
progammed with free voip accounts
and complete with the connector cables
to your router and your telephone system.

Main features:

  • Call from home to office free of charge. Just lift the handset and dial the extension number.
  • Call from office to home free of charge. Anyone at the remote office just dials the home extension number.
  • Transfer calls from main office to home. The main office can answer an outside call then put it on hold, talk to the home extension and then transfer the outside caller to the home.
  • Answer calls ringing in the main office from your home.
  • From home, phone anyone of millions of VoiP users worldwide completely free.
  • All calls between the home and the remote office are completely free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How plug and play is it?
    You can literally unpack our parcel and, using the connection leads supplied, plug everything together and be using it by spending just 5 minutes at each site. This is providing you meet the requirements of our 6 point check list.

    Most people reading this will meet those requirements.

    The 6 point check list:

    1. You need Broadband (also known as ADSL) at both the main office and at the remote extension site.
    2. You also need a Broadband ADSL router at each site with a spare port on it. (The router is the box which is connected to your broadband and through which your computer sends and receives emails and does web browsing) The spare port will be a little plug hole which takes our adapter's rj45 plug (the same type of plug as on a patch lead or a computer which plugs into a wall socket).
    3. The Broadband router must be set to DHCP. This allows its Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol to automatically assign an IP Address to the router. The routers in 95% of small offices are set to DHCP. That is why they are 'plug and play'. On the rare occasion where the site's router is not set to DHCP, then the IT engineer who switched if off can normally supply an IP address which we can put into router prior to dispatch which, in turn, makes it plug and play for that particular router.
    4. Your office telephone system needs a Simple Telephone Extension Socket.
    5. The Router, Simple Telephone Extension Socket and mains power socket all need to be within 3 meters of each other (unless you buy optional extension leads for the simple telephone socket or long patch leads for the router).
    6. At each site, a mains power socket for plugging the adapter into.
    If you do not meet all requirements then please call or email us and we can advise what you need to do. It is normally quite straight forward to get everything prepared.
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  • What is A Simple Telephone Extension socket?
    An extension socket off your office telephone system which takes simple phones. Simple phones are also sometimes referred to as POTs (Plain Ordinary Telephone), analogue telephones or 2-wire phones. If you have a simple phone extension socket you should be able to use your home phone in it. You get an outside line by dialing 9. Simple sockets are also used on telephone systems for faxes, modems, answering machines and cordless phones.
  • How far away can the remote extension be?
    Anywhere in the world or just on the other side of the main road. The most remote extension we have is currently running in New Zealand. They are often used, however, when a commercial premises is split on either side of a main road.
  • What technology is being used?
    The KVA 200 and KVA 300 devices are voip adapters. Voip adapters are also commonly referred to as a voip gateway. Our KVA 300 adapter is, in fact, a Linksys SPA-3102 and our KVA 200 adapter is a Linksys SPA-2 PAPT2. We adapt them by pre programming them to your individual requirements and bundling them with all the connectors and adapters you will need for interfacing with your router and a British style telephone instrument. The telephone calls made on the remote extension use voip technology.
  • What else can I do with this setup? Each of the adapters have two speech channels. This particular page has concentrated just on the remote extension. For the same price and with this kit described on this page you can wire the other port onto an analogue exchange line of your telephone system and thus have a free general purpose VOIP line which can be used at the same time. For a more detailed explanation of what these adapters can do go to our VOIP section.
  • I see adapters like yours on other sites for less money - why the difference?
    We are not simply offering you analogue VoiP adapters out of the factory, we set them up specifically for you. We provide them pre-configured with the internal and external software switches to enable the calls to work without you having to configure them or find a service provider or fine tune them to your particular telephone system. We specialise in interfacing our adapters to customers' existing telephone systems. That takes a lot of experience for us to make it simple and reliable for you. Each one we send out is individually set up. We got into this line of business because we wanted a remote extension of our own here in Bath. We were appalled at how long it took us to set it up to work reliably - it took an experienced network engineer more than a week and then when we had to set one up for another telephone system - we had to start all over again. So we decided to offer our experience to others like you. Elsewhere on this site is a list of telephone systems which we have successfully equipped our adapters to work with.

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